IMG_7288My Fresh Start

We all need to hit the reset button sometimes and have a fresh start. The new year can be a fresh start by establishing resolutions, or each morning could be a fresh start by setting goals to make today better than yesterday. It’s comforting to know that a fresh start can happen at any moment whether it be the next day, month, year, or even within the next hour, minute, second. The bottom line is: the reset button is there for you to push whenever you need it!

Anything & Everything is one way I pushed the reset button at the start of 2018. It was my fresh start to encourage my love of writing and to create a stepping stone towards building a career in the PR, Advertising and Marketing industry.

My goal for this website is to create a dynamic portfolio of my writing pieces, but also to appeal to and engage with many different audiences about many different topics with fun, personal blog posts.