A Haircut for a Cause

Some people are afraid of spiders, some people are afraid of heights, but I have always been afraid of haircuts…

Since I was younger, I have always had long hair. I never wanted to cut it. I was always afraid to get a haircut in fear that it would look bad or I would hate it, until Summer 2015.

At that point, my hair was so long that it was getting in the way and restricting me from doing the simplest of tasks. When I went swimming, my hair would be wrapped around my arms or when I would pick up my newborn cousin, my hair would be all over her and me, making us both frustrated.

My first hair donation.

Fed up and looking for a change in style, I did something out of character and decided I was going to chop my hair. I wanted to cut enough to donate but not too much because I was nervous. I put my nerves aside, cut 10 inches, and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Fast forward 3 years and my hair was frustratingly long again. This time, I was not scared and I was ready for a new look. I did my research and found a trendy, professional salon in San Diego that I could trust to give me a new cut and color.

Four hours and 14 inches later, I looked like a completely different person! I had a bob and was borderline blonde, and I loved it! Cutting all of that hair made me feel lighter and more liberated. I decided, again, that I would donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths in hopes that the recipient gaining my hair would feel as happy and liberated as I did while cutting it.

If you are interested in donating hair and meet all of the requirements, I highly suggest you check out Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Above: My most recent hair donation. Haircut and color credit goes to Ashley Chicago! (Instagram: @ashleychicago)

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