“Hello!” from San Diego, CA

In typical “me” fashion, when I returned from Madrid, I was only on U.S. soil for about 12 hours before taking my first trip.

My first stop was San Diego, California. I’ve been visiting SD frequently ever since my uncle moved out there about ten years. I know my way around, I know where my favorite restaurants are, and I know my favorite spot on my favorite beach. For a place I have never lived, SD feels like home.

Now, SD is not only home to my blood family but also my chosen family. My best friend just moved to SD and I cannot wait to have double the excuses to take vacations out to the west coast.

I desperately needed the overdue family time, and the warm weather is always a plus. SD, you have a special place in my heart. It feels great to be home!

Pictures: A family picture celebrating my cousin Amelia’s 3rd birthday! The picture to the right is the birthday dinner we had called “kamayan”, which is a Filipino style of eating with your hands.

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