“Bonjour!” from Brussels!

CHOCOLATE!  – was the biggest take away from this trip! Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles and French fries run this town. (Ugh, yes, I cheated on my vegan diet for chocolate and waffles. No shame.) 

Belgium was one of the smaller European cities I’ve been to, but I really liked the quaintness. I felt less pressure to go see a million different things in one short trip. I was able to see what I wanted to see and leisurely walk around taking in my surroundings as I went.

On my second, and last day in Belgium, it rained all day. But, that was not a problem because I spent the majority of my day at the Belgium Royal Fine Arts Museum.

The museum not only had all of the old, historical pieces you usually find in a typical European art museum, but it also had a contemporary art exhibit that explored surrealism.

I learned a lot more about art in this special exhibit than I ever have before. I’m not usually into art history; however, I really enjoyed not just merely looking at the pieces (which is what I usually do) and truly learning something new about the art I was looking at.

Surrealism really had me thinking outside of my usual box. Lots of “huh!”, “hmm?” and “oh!” moments of realization on this trip.

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