“Hej!” from Copenhagen

In early December, I traveled to Denmark and found my new favorite European city: Copenhagen! I can’t put my finger on exactly why I was so intrigued and enthusiastic about this city, but I left knowing that it was one of the best weekend getaways I’ve ever had.

The city, in general, is very clean. It was refreshing after coming from the dirty city center of Madrid. Copenhagen also had a really great balance of trendiness and history, which is very appealing to any world traveler in their twenties.

Above all, I think what made my experience so amazing was how kind the people were. They all seemed so helpful and happy! It put me in the best mood for the entirety of my trip. (They also had Christmas decorations up around the city which may have boosted my spirits as well).

The food in Copenhagen… UGH! Maybe this was the real reason why I loved it so much?

Simple Raw, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 2017

I had the best, and prettiest, vegan brunch (that came with chocolate cake) at a quaint restaurant called Simple Raw.

Then, for lunch, I found a trendy, and what seemed to be very popular, bar/restaurant/cafe that had vegan sandwiches, and for dessert, I had (BUM BUM BUM!) another piece of chocolate cake… I couldn’t help it!

For dinner, I made the journey to Paper Island, a warehouse with 50 food stalls of every variety of street food your heart desires. I had a vegan burger with fried plantain chips. YUM!

Copenhagen is a really great city to just wander, especially near Nayhvn street, which has colorful buildings filled with restaurants and shops along the harbor. And, surprisingly, I was able to do all of this adventuring on foot in one day.

Nayhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 2017

Many people don’t travel to Copenhagen because it’s known to be a bit pricey, but I think that the trip is so worth it! So, treat yourself! Splurge! Go to Copenhagen!

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