23 Countries, 23rd Birthday

At the beginning of 2018, I added “Visit 23 countries before my 23rd birthday” to my bucket list. And, I did it!

My 23rd birthday conveniently landed on a Saturday this year, and I got to celebrate it Santorini, Greece, number 23.

Oia Sunset, Santorini, Greece, Mar. 2018

If I have not already made this crystal clear, I love traveling. So, being able to check this off my bucket list and being able to say “I visited 23 countries before my 23rd birthday” is a big deal for me.

I feel extremely grateful and blessed to have had the chance to even be able to make this goal and not to mention to be able to live the kind of lifestyle that allows me to travel as much as I do.

This accomplishment makes me so excited to see where life will take me next and for all the adventures I have ahead of me. 🙂

The list of 23 countries I have visited so far (in no particular order):

  1. USA
  2. Mexico
  3. Honduras
  4. The Bahamas
  5. Jamaica
  6. The Dominican Republic
  7. The Philippines
  8. Spain
  9. Portugal
  10. Switzerland
  11. Ireland
  12. England
  13. Italy
  14. France
  15. Germany
  16. Hungary
  17. The Czech Republic
  18. Poland
  19. The Netherlands
  20. Belgium
  21. Norway
  22. Sweden
  23. Greece

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