“¡Hola!” from Benidorm

For my last “Hoorah!” in Europe, I traveled to Benidorm, Spain with my cousin. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of my school year teaching in Spain, the beginning of summer, and the new chapter I was about to start as I journeyed back home to the US of A. Plus, the best part was I didn’t have to travel alone this time!

This quick weekend getaway to the south of Spain was just what the doctor ordered… Every day was a beach day, not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, unlimited Sex on the Beach (as in the drink), and Spanish cuisine.

In the mornings, we would wake up as early as we could, throw on our swimsuits and head to the beach to reserve our chairs for the day. We spent all day at the beach drinking drinks, snacking on snacks, and running into the refreshing Mediterranean when we couldn’t take the strong rays any longer. We spent our nights either walking along the beach or around the thriving little beach town until we found a restaurant that would seem to satisfy our cravings for Spanish food and rosé.

The only regret we had all weekend was not reapplying enough sunscreen…

Since it was my very last weekend in Spain, the last supper we had consisted of rosé, Spanish tortilla, and seafood paella. All I have to say is, my taste buds are watering just thinking about it!

Reflecting on this perfect little vacation has me feeling like voy a echarte mucho de menos España…

Here are some of the highlights of the trip: the mornings spent on the beach, my beautiful cousin, and our food and drinks.

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