Book Review: The High Season by Judy Blundell

The High Season by Judy Blundell

The High Season CoverAfter searching Google many times for “good summer reads for women in their 20s”, I stumbled on this novel. The novel begins on Memorial Day and the actual storyline ends a little after the 4th of July with the last chapter being a short recap of where the characters are now after the Fall/Winter season.

So much can happen and change over one Summer, many of us know from experience. Having read this book in May, following the dramas of one middle-aged woman finding her place in the world after she had already been established once before made me excited for what this Summer might have in store for me.

Although Ruthie and I (the main character of this novel), do not have much in common, her emotions were deeply relatable, and I empathized greatly with her. She is a woman trying to live her best life while the world keeps throwing obstacles in her way. Aren’t we all that woman at some point in time? Or, maybe, always?

I recommend reading this book either in late Spring or during Summer to be able to completely immerse yourself in it. However, this book is a great read overall no matter what season you may choose to read it in.

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